Air Jordan 3 UNC
Sku: CT8532-104

Release Date:03/07/2020

Jordan 3 UNC Reps originally released in 1988, the Jordan 3 represented a turning point for the Air Jordan line. As the third version of the series, the shoe achieved a number of firsts. They were the first to feature the now iconic Jumpman logo, gray leather-like elephant print, visible air unit and the first to be designed by Tinker Hatfield. Hatfield single-handedly saved the Air Jordan series with the design of the Air Jordan 3. The designer of the first two Jordan releases, Peter Moore, recently left Nike to start his own label, but more importantly, Jordan’s contract is about to be renewed. Rumor has it that Jordan was lukewarm about the first two designs and ready to “wow.” Luckily for Nike and all of us, Tinker made it, and Jordan wowed. Among the many classic colors of Jordan sneakers, the status of North Carolina blue is always so special. The blue that makes countless Sneakers’ hearts is the original color of Joe’s basketball dream.

AJ3 North Carolina is wearing white and blue, which is all exciting. The overall upper is made of white leather, the logo on the tongue, the lace holes, and the heel are embellished with North Carolina blue, and the elements of burst cracks are added, which is simple and classic.

Compared with the non-commercially available PE version, the UNC of the tongue was replaced by the trapeze logo; the insole was also replaced by the blue North Carolina element with a red embroidered design; the UNC word on the tongue was replaced by “heart. “And 6soul” is still remarkable in details.

This pair of shoes also brought an episode on the embroidery of the trapeze logo on the tongue. This time, the trapeze embroidery has changed from the usual flat shape, and the workmanship is fuller, so that the story of the plump Qiao Gang appeared, which is also talked about by Sneakers.

Although AJ’s color palette routine is gradually getting tired of everyone, it is undeniable that this touch of blue still contains magic, which makes people want to stop. If God’s sneakers had a color, it would be North Carolina blue.

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